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Advantage Monterio as Michelisz suffers

The first WTCC race in Hungary kicked off in dramatic fashion. Polesitter John Filippi’s Citroen stalled on the grid, prompting a mad dash to skirt the stricken SLR car. Monteiro managed to avoid the Citroen, leading the way into the first corner. Home hero Michelisz was looking to move up the field.

He tried a move on third place Thed Bjork at turn 5. The Volvo and Honda made contact damaging Bjork’s steering. That would see him retire on the spot. The Honda didn’t get away with the encounter as a puncture forced the home hero into retirement as well.

The carnage left Monteiro leading with Chilton chasing. Behind them was the Volvo of Nestor Girolami and Esteban Guerrieri’s Chevrolt. Rob Huff was also in hot pursuit in fifth. He made short work of Guerrieri’s Chevrolet on lap 4 before chasing after the podium placed Volvo. Having moved up from fifth after missing Filippi’s Citroen, the feature race pole sitter pushed Girolami’s Volvo picking up a warning. Eventually Huff made his move in to turn 2 to get on the podium. And that would be how they took the finish.

Further down the field Aurlien Panis was in the points in 10th for Zengo and Yann Ehrlacher impressed in 8th. The longer feature race will see Huff on pole with Mehdi Bennani and Guerrieri.


Image: autosport

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