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Another 911 GT3? But this one you will absolutely want!

Welcome to the 911 GT3 Touring Package, hold on Euan it looks exactly the same as the current GT3? Yes it does with the spoiler deleted, well it’s exactly like a 911 R? Yes! actually it is, as it comes with no spoiler, a 6 speed manual gearbox and rear wheel drive, but unlike the 911 R this isn’t limited and is a bit heavier.

It even has the same 4.0litre flat 6 as the R and the same 500bhp but it reaches 62mph 0.2 seconds slower at 3.9, but if your one of the lucky owners of a 911 R then i would be pretty worried and angry at porsche because why would anyone fork out what is now around half a million pounds when you can get this for £150,000! the value of the 911R may take some damaging.

The touring package also comes with a slightly stiffer chassis setup for more high speed cornering stability and comes with a new improved rear wheel steering making this GT3 an absolute blast around a track, it’s basically a purists dream! and everyone knows that porsche have the best manual gearboxes in the business! I just feel sorry for all those 911 R owners.

Euan Campbell

Motoring Correspondant, your source for all motoring news!

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