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The Most anticipated Mercedes ever! The AMG Project One.

Mercedes have finally launched a body to go along with that chassis and battery platform they presented a few months ago!
And my god it looks absolutely stunning! however the front looks rather familiar, hint* take a look at the McLaren F1 now go back to the project one, see what i mean?  suspicious. anyway Lewis Hamilton was on hand at the Frankfurt motor show to show what he had co-developed with Mercedes AMG’s special engineering team. But this car is staggeringly amazing, this is the only car in the history of the car world that is a road going F1 car! no joke it has the exact same engine as the current F1 car a 1.6litre turbo V6 that revs to 11,000rpm!, but with a hybrid system with 4 electric motor for each wheel.

It has over 1000bhp, 0-62 time? not giving but 0-124mph time is 6 seconds (the bugatti chrion claim 6.5 seconds!) The car is off course all wheel drive due to vast amount of power, however it is front wheel drive when it’s in electric mode only, coupled with a very intelligent torque vectoring system to distribute the power accordingly and you have a hypercar that could be the worlds fastest around a race track!

The most extravagant part of the car is the design, ever aspect and detail of this car is to minimise the effect of cutting though the air with least amount of disruption. it’s an aerodynamic’s dream, the drag coefficient is one of the lowest ever in a production car, and it won’t just turn heads on the race track with it’s performance, oh no when this gets unleashed onto the street it’s going to be an incredible site, the car in my opinion is so jaw droppingly out of this world that if you see one anywhere, you and everyone around you would just stop what there doing and take it all in.

The interior of the car is off course at a bare minimum to save weight, but it does have 2 seats so a passenger can enjoy F1 performance too!, it also has 2 screens mainly for displaying key analytical data about the car and maybe house a few conveniences for yourself too, after all this car does cost a whopping £2.5Million! and you know what, i’d say that’s a bargain, I mean just look at the thing! it doesn’t look road legal and something straight out of star trek. AMG Mercedes have created something special here, and I think this will become a legend like the McLaren F1.

Euan Campbell

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