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McLaren-Honda have struggled since the two partnerships combined back in 2015 after Ron Dennis decided that McLaren would not win the¬†world championship as a team with a customer engine. Since 2015, the results for McLaren have been record breaking low. Honda were saying that their engine in 2017 would be more competitive but early indications in testing show that Honda have lost even more time on the other teams. Since then, there has been rumors that because Manor are now not in Formula One, McLaren could receive the Mercedes engines that Manor were allocated. However, this brings us back to Ron Dennis’s original thoughts which were that McLaren would not win the world championship. So what next?

Well the rumors around the paddock are saying that there could be a chance that Cosworth could make a comeback into the sport and revive McLaren back to where they should be which is at the top of Formula One. As an engine manufacturer, Cosworth only are behind Ferrari on wins in Formula One as an engine manufacture. The last Formula One engine that Cosworth supplied was to Marrusia in 2013. However that was 10 years after their last win in Formula One which was Giancarlo Fisichella at the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix. Their last drivers championship win was in 1994 with Benneton and Michael Schumacher and their last constructors championship was in 1981 with Williams! Honda have a better record than Cosworth in recent years as the cars Cosworth powered were teams at the back end of the grid such as Marrusia/Virgin, HRT and Caterham/Lotus. Even though these were new teams to Formula One, Williams also went with a Cosworth V8 engine from 2010-2011 where they struggled. Williams then decided to leave Cosworth for Renault and 5 races in, they won a Grand Prix courtesy of Pastor Maldonado.

This then asks the question that would Cosworth be competitive in Formula One. The answer to that would probably be no which is why if Cosworth would come back into Formula One, they would work alongside Honda to help gain experience on the Hybrid Power Units. Surely this is worth taking the risk because McLaren are nowhere at the minute! They have no reliability and they have no competitive performance so if Cosworth did come in, there would be nothing to lose.

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