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Honda drop weight for Portugal

The lastest round of compensation weights have been announced for the up coming round at Vila Real. This sees the 5 Hondas drop 20kg compared to the Nurburgring races 2 weeks ago. The Volvos and Citroens have remained on the full 80kg.

Calculations were made from qualifying and the races in Monza, the Hungaroring and the Nurburgring to give the new weights. The new weights will be applied to all the cars from the next round in Vila Real. The results showed that the Volvo and Citroen are within a 0.1s of eachother. Hence, they both receive the same weight. The 3 factory Hondas and the two Zengo cars are judged to be 0.3s behind. They have lost 10kg per 0.1s.

The two privateer Chevrolets also drop 10kg, down to 20kg compared to the round in Germany. The Ladas will run on the base weight of 1100kg, after being judged to be slowest of the 5 cars. The Russian cars are over a second behind the pace setting Citroens & Volvos.

Compensation Weights for Portugal

Citroen C-Elysee WTCC – 1180kg (+80kg)
Volvo S60 TC1 – 1180kg (+80kg)
Honda Civic WTCC – 1150kg (+50kg)
Chevrolet Cruze TC1 – 1120kg (+20kg)
Lada Vesta WTCC – 1100kg

Words: @WA10Tom
Image: Zengo Motorsport

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