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Is Lewis Hamilton to blame for dropping viewing figures in the UK?

A source recently stated that F1 viewing figures dropped by 5.1 million viewers in 2016, the lowest of last 12 years in the UK. The reason highlighted was Lewis Hamilton ‘s failure to win a 4th title in the F1 Driver’s Championship.


The title went to the last race in Abu Dhabi which saw a nail bitting performance from both the Mercedes drivers. Has UK relied too much on Lewis’ title hopes?


Last year saw 12 teams participating in a record number of Grand Prix races in the calendar but there was something more that had an impact on the figures.  As BBC stepped down as a broadcaster,  Channel 4 couldn’t compete with Pay TV’s biased contract.


A Global decline in viewership by 10 million saw a decline for 6th consecutive year.


According to our writer Andrew Campbell, ”

Many people don’t want to pay for Sky due to the cost so they seek out alternative options to watch the races live. These options include over live streams and are, of course, not legal ways to watch the live content and often get taken down on copyright.

For the average fan it’s hard. Just today we have seen BT Sport sign a new deal on champions league football for another three years despite poor viewing figures. Sky has some great coverage in my opinion but it’s a shame that a lot of people can’t afford the full cost of pay TV services and thus have to lose out.”


Tom Gibson also adds, “From memory they tried to charge us £20ish a month for just the f1 channel, not the full sky sports pack.”

PayTV dominate broadcasting over free to air channels in most of the  Europe.


Liberty Media’s idea of taking F1 to places raises hopes for the Fans. Greg Maffei,  Chief Executive Liberty says, “Fundamentally Chase Carey and Ross Brawn are trying to make these races more interesting, more comparative, more exciting,”


So now my question to you is,” Is Lewis Hamilton to be blamed for dropping viewing figures? ”


(Image: http://connect.citizen.co.za)

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