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The New Megane RS, Should Honda Be Worried?

One of the best hot hatches on the current market is the new Honda Civic Type R, but Renault might change this as the new Megane RS comes with some very headline new traits that should worry Honda. Here’s the “headlines” an all new lighter stiffer chassis with 4 wheel steer! a first on this sort of segment by the way, that should make it very agile and stable in corners at high speeds and help it with parking at low speeds. 1.8litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection that pumps out 280bhp at 6,000rpm with 390Nm of torque, making it one of the most powerful RS models ever made.

The car has an on bored telemetry system that lets the user monitor many many things, and you can fit a camera film your drive and look back with the telemetry to improve upon yourself or upload them on social media, beat that Honda! The car looks very good, with the now signature RS LED daytime running lights, the wider more menacing stance at the front and at the rear it has a very F1 inspired rear defuser with a massive exit exhaust, it looks brilliant finished in the launch “tonic orange” colour.

It has a torsional limited slip differential to help it off the line as quickly as possible and 0-62mph takes just 4.5 seconds (estimate), and it comes in either a 6 speed manual or EDC duel clutch automatic, 5 driving modes can be selected “comfort” “normal” “sport”- which sharpens throttle, brake, and turns on some sound to make it more well sporty, “race” which optimises the car with the best performance and turns the ESC off to let the driver breathe, and “perso” which turns everything off EVERYTHING! meaning massive amounts of fun that may or may not end you up in a hedge… and the cost for all this? around £30,000. So to summarise, it looks good, should sound good, should drive good, has tons of race inspired technology (mechanical and software), and should be around the same price, let the battle commence!

Euan Campbell

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