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Shedden Bags Back To Back BTCC Title’s

Honda Yuasa Racings Gordon Shedden has claimed the British Touring Car Championship title after a nail biting finale at Brands Hatch.

Shedden looked in a bullish mood from the off as he hustled his car from corner to corner.

At one point it looked as if Shedden was going to nab the title on a tie break as he was level on points with Tordoff due to position, but had more race wins than the WSR BMW man which would have swung the tie break in the Scotsmans favour.

In the end it was a tepid display from Tordoff who looked to lack both pace and hunger as he was easily passed by Shedden at Clark Curve and the points (and title) were going to the Honda garage.

There was further spice added towards the end of race three, as Adam Morgan found great pace and traction in his WIX Racing Mercedes Benz and threatened to usurp the Honda and revert the championship back to the tie break scenario, and after a safety car due to Dan Welch’s Proton getting beached in the gravel, Morgan was again right up behind Shedden. If Tordoff could get some pace on the restart he could have been in with a chance of a maiden title if he got past the duelling pair ahead.

In the end it wasn’t to be as Tordoff’s BMW wasn’t quick enough to hang onto the coat tail of the Mercedes and the Honda and Shedden scampered off to claim his third BTCC title.

The race victory went to Mat Jackson who moved up to third in the championship.


Race one was the Turkington show with a dominant lights to flag victory, and the fastest lap, as the contenders took it a little easier in order not to jeopardise race two or three due to accident damage.

Rob Austin finished in a superb second place after fending off a hungry looking Jason Plato who was all over the back of the Handy Motorsport Avensis.

With Austin fending off the Subaru, the MG of Josh Cook crept into play and cheekily nabbed 2nd place from Plato on the last corner of the last lap. This meant that Plato’s point deficit was too much to overcome and the eight way title battle came down to seven.

Gordon Shedden drove a steady race and although he was still quick, he was playing for maximum points haul without getting into any unnecessary battles and a 5th place finish saw him just six points shy of Sam Tordoffs championship lead.

Behind Shedden Adam Morgan was the meat in a Honda sandwich as he showed good pace to finish ahead of Mat Neal.

Championship leader Tordoff was in damage limitation mode seeing as he was carrying maximum ballast and finished in tenth place after team mate Jack Goff had earlier sportingly pulled out of the way to let him past.

Here’s the full finishing order of race one.


Colin TURKINGTON (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing 25m56.267s (90.06 mph)
Rob AUSTIN (GBR) Handy Motorsport +4.570s
Josh COOK (GBR) MG Racing RCIB Insurance +5.314s
4 Jason PLATO (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing +5.903s
5 Gordon SHEDDEN (GBR) Halfords Yuasa Racing +10.750s
Adam MORGAN (GBR) WIX Racing +11.130s
7 Matt NEAL (GBR) Halfords Yuasa Racing +11.620s
Aiden MOFFAT (GBR) Laser Tools Racing +17.894s
Ash SUTTON (GBR) MG Racing RCIB Insurance +18.077s
10 Sam TORDOFF (GBR) Team JCT600 Racing with GardX +19.564s
11 Mat JACKSON (GBR) Motorbase Performance +20.195s
12 Robert COLLARD (GBR) Team JCT600 Racing with GardX +21.177s
13 Jack GOFF (GBR) Team IHG Rewards Club +25.068s
14 Tom INGRAM (GBR) Speedworks Motorsport +29.982s
15 Jake HILL (GBR) RCIB Insurance Racing +31.106s
16 Michael EPPS (GBR) RCIB Insurance Racing +31.180s
17 Martin DEPPER (GBR) Eurotech Racing +31.329s
18 Ollie JACKSON (GBR) AmD Tuning.com +31.600s
19 Jeff SMITH (GBR) Eurotech Racing +33.005s
20 Matt SIMPSON (GBR) Speedworks Motorsport +33.731s
21 Alex MARTIN (GBR) Dextra Racing +35.181s
22 Dan WELCH (GBR) Goodestone Racing +40.330s
23 James COLE (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing +40.845s
24 Kelvin FLETCHER (GBR) Power Maxed Racing +54.660s
25 Stewart LINES (GBR) Maximum Motorsport +1m00.182s
DNF Mark HOWARD (GBR) BKR +1 lap
DNF Aron SMITH (IRL) BKR +4 laps
DNF Warren SCOTT (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing +4 laps
DNF Tony GILHAM (GBR) TLC/RCIB Insurance Racing +14 laps
DNF Hunter ABBOTT (GBR) Power Maxed Racing +15 laps
DNF Andrew JORDAN (GBR) Motorbase Performance +15 laps


Race two saw Turkington fly away from the lights and soon was pulling further and further away from the pack, the Subaru clearly set up well for the Brands GP circuit.

Lap three turned into a nightmare for one of the seven remaining title contenders as Matt Neals Honda developed an electrical fault after seconds earlier setting the fastest lap. The fault caused the engine to misfire and lose power out of Paddock Hill and the flying MG of Ash Sutton sideswiped the stricken Honda and sent it into the tyre wall causing a dizzying spin.

The accident caused a lengthy stoppage and also stopped Neals title charge as not only was he out of race two, he was ruled out of race three with a slight concussion.

It was becoming clear that BMR had cracked their set up for this round as Plato devoured Turkington’s lead and was soon on the rear bumper of his team mate.

Subaru fans everywhere watched the race through their fingers for a few laps as it looked like Plato and Turkington were going to get in each others way but Plato switched into teammate mode and dropped back to hold up Gordon Shedden’s Honda enough for Turkington to break cleanly away.

Rob Austin’s great start to the weekend stuttered as he slowed and then retired due to a broken alternator belt. This allowed Cook and Tordoff to flash past.

Mat Jackson finished seventh ending any chance for the title but this proved helpful for his morale as the reverse grid draw saw him claim pole for race three.


Colin TURKINGTON (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing 28m52.932s (85.93 mph)
2 Jason PLATO (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing +1.128s
3 Gordon SHEDDEN (GBR) Halfords Yuasa Racing +1.535s
Josh COOK (GBR) MG Racing RCIB Insurance +1.827s
5 Sam TORDOFF (GBR) Team JCT600 Racing with GardX +2.431s
Aiden MOFFAT (GBR) Laser Tools Racing +2.931s
Mat JACKSON (GBR) Motorbase Performance +3.046s
Adam MORGAN (GBR) WIX Racing +3.336s
Tom INGRAM (GBR) Speedworks Motorsport +3.626s
10 Robert COLLARD (GBR) Team JCT600 Racing with GardX +3.963s
11 Jeff SMITH (GBR) Eurotech Racing +4.650s
12 Jake HILL (GBR) RCIB Insurance Racing +5.697s
13 Andrew JORDAN (GBR) Motorbase Performance +7.043s
14 Aron SMITH (IRL) BKR +10.510s
15 Ollie JACKSON (GBR) AmD Tuning.com +13.455s
16 Michael EPPS (GBR) RCIB Insurance Racing +14.421s
17 Hunter ABBOTT (GBR) Power Maxed Racing +14.914s
18 Martin DEPPER (GBR) Eurotech Racing +15.214s
19 Matt SIMPSON (GBR) Speedworks Motorsport +16.729s
20 Jack GOFF (GBR) Team IHG Rewards Club +16.743s
21 James COLE (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing +16.808s
22 Alex MARTIN (GBR) Dextra Racing +19.672s
23 Warren SCOTT (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing +20.541s
24 Kelvin FLETCHER (GBR) Power Maxed Racing +20.888s
25 Stewart LINES (GBR) Maximum Motorsport +25.510s
26 Mark HOWARD (GBR) BKR +36.284s
27 Dan WELCH (GBR) Goodestone Racing +44.694s
28 Tony GILHAM (GBR) TLC/RCIB Insurance Racing +14 laps
DNF Rob AUSTIN (GBR) Handy Motorsport +3 laps
DNF Ash SUTTON (GBR) MG Racing RCIB Insurance +8 laps
DNF Matt NEAL (GBR) Halfords Yuasa Racing +14 laps


Dean Roscoe

BTCC Correspondent


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