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TVR Is Back!

It was always rumoured that TVR would make a come back for years, but I was always a bit skeptical, however today at the goodwood revival they revealed there new car for 2019, the TVR Griffith and it sounds like the most pure modern supercar in years! Why? might you ask. let me give you the basic mechanical and performance stats, 5.0litre naturally aspirated Cosworth V8 engine up front capable of 500hp and 0-62mph time of 4.0 seconds, rear wheel drive and a 6 speed manual gearbox.

It sounds like the best recipe ever! TVR have basically teamed up with numerous companies to bring this car to life, so cosworth for the engine and drivetrain, APR for the braking system, and gordon Murray for the design and chassis of the car. Infact the chassis of the car is a special lightweight design by Gordon Murray, they call the design istream structure, constructed from carbon composite bonded to steel and aluminium, making it very strong and as well as light, it weighs less than 1250kg and manages to achieve a 50:50 weight distribution by mounting the engine well behind the front axle.

The looks are very aggressive especially to the rear where theres a massive knife edging defuser that has been specifically designed to keep the car planted to the ground, it covers the whole rear of the car because the exhausts exit just in front of the doors making the car relatively efficient, then at the rear it also has a automated spoiler that can be raised with a button or gets raised at speeds above 60mph.

The interior of the car looks incredible very futuristic design with lots of bezel controls coated in what looks like gold painting, and the screen and infotainment system looks like it’s been done by Rimac, infact the whole interior looks very similar to the 1 Million pound hyper electric car by the Croatians. So if you put that into perspective £90,000 should seem like a bargain for this car. TVR are making 500 launch editions of the car and then they will put the Griffith under general production. It’s a riveting comeback for the company and lets see if it can succeed.

Euan Campbell

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