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Volvo’s take on the small crossover market!

This is Sweden’s answer to the crossover, this is the new Volvo XC40 and it may look like an S90 at the front and a strange unhinged V40 at the back but this in my opinion is the best equipped, most luxurious small crossover money can buy! why? well just look at that interior! Volvo really are bringing out the best interiors recently, and with equipment like 360 degree cameras, and Volvo’s basically almost full autonomous cruise control as well as self park systems makes it a class leader! and off course it’s a Volvo and safety is top on there list.

The engine lists aren’t vast but are all you need as you can get a D4 diesel, T5 petrol with electric drive and soon an all electric version aswell as a 3 cylinder option. The infotainment system promises to be class leading to with apple carplay with 4K graphics and advanced navigation system. the price will start from just £27,905  and comes with pretty much everything as standard! Well done Volvo!

Euan Campbell

Motoring Correspondant, your source for all motoring news!

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