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Williams Launch 2017 Challenger: FW40

Williams have officially launched their 2017 car FW40 today!


The team have named the car following their 40th anniversary in F1. The car however is seen to have cosmetic changes only, keeping most of its aero design similar to last year’s. Backed by Mercedes power unit, Williams couldn’t show a cleaner finish on the ‘Shark Fin’ compared to the other teams so far. The reveal also displayed the logo of their new associate sponsor JCB situated on the side of the rear wing. The car other than that is similar to the rendered images released by the team last friday.

The future of Williams remains a mystery with some doubtful decisions being taken in the early stages of the year. Felipe Massa was called out of retirement to replace Valteri Bottas in the team, this could affect the team’s performance in a big way as he was set to take a rest this year. The admission of Lance Stroll has brought team with financial aid but his lack of experience (in GP2,GP3 etc.) specially with the change in regulations  (which is believed to make driving difficult) could give turbulence to the team’s performance.

The Barcelona test is set to start on Monday, 27th of february. The schedule for Williams will be as follows:

First Test
Monday 27 February: Felipe Massa
Tuesday 28 February: Lance Stroll
Wednesday 1 March: Felipe Massa
Thursday 2 March: Lance Stroll

Second Test

Tuesday 7 March: Lance Stroll
Wednesday 8 March: Lance Stroll
Thursday 9 March: Felipe Massa
Friday 10 March: Felipe Massa


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