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Ferrari Bounces Back In FP2 To Keep Mercedes Wanting

Sebastian Vettel dominated the FP2 session keeping Lewis Hamilton wanting by 0.004 secs. The German  held the position for over an hour in the 90 minutes session.


The session started with Pascal Wehrlein and Kimi Raikkonen going out on the track. Kimi, on the medium tyres set the fastest time of 1m22.075s.  Sebastian Vettel, having started on the medium tyres reported issues with the grip of tyres but managed to go fastest with a 1m22.021s while Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen struggled to find traction control. Alonso locked up heavily just after going P3 ahaed of Nico Hulkenberg.


The first stint for most of the teams ended with understanding the tyres. Sebastian Vettel was the first one to start on the supersoft tyres setting the fastest lap of the session at 1m19.790s. Encouraged by Vettel’s pace, teammate Kimi Raikkonen went 2nd fastest overall. Meanwhile, Hamilton trying to save his session went for his personal best lap in the the session separating the Ferrari duo with a lap of 1m19.803s. Rosberg on the other hand could only manage to go P4 with the qualifying  setup. While, the Ferraris went to the pits, Hamilton circulated for another and improved on his last lap but only to go 0.004 secs behind the leader.


It wasn’t a decent ride for the Manors either where Esteban Ocon reported on “struggling everywhere” in terms of traction control. Romain Grosjean was still to set a time in the session while his mechanics were resolving the electrical problems. It was very late, when he got out on track only to get a glimpse of it and returned with P20. The Red Bulls on the other hand were stuck fighting with the Force India of Nico Hulkenberg who was constantly improving his time in the order.


Vettel having posted the fastest lap already went back out on the track only to report traffic problems to the team in his third stint of the session. Most of the teams by now had switched to medium option of tyres to understand the track better. Kimi Raikkonen radioed, ” I’d rather do the starts than drive around. We’re learning nothing from this. If you want me to drive around I can, but it’s absolutely f*** all use to me.”


Felipe Nasr reported strange sensations in his Sauber, who was told to ‘Keep Pushing’ by his team afterwards. Max Verstappen admitted on struggling,”Its getting difficult” he added on the radio.


The session ended with Danil Kvyat reporting a power loss in his Toro Rosso. He was told to park the car and shut it down as the chequered flag was waved on the finish line.



(Image: LAT)

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