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Mike Bushell extends his championship lead

A reshuffle of grid positions due to James Dorlin being handed a penalty, unexpectedly promoted Max Coates to pole position for the second race of the day. Mike Bushell was in turn promoted to the front row of the grid, a position he used to take the lead from Max Coates in the first corner.

Lee Pattison also squeezed by Max Coates, but after four strong laps chasing Mike Bushell for the lead he abruptly slowed and pulled off the circuit. This was a fantastic opportunity for Max Coates but a blow to Lee Pattison who subsequently lost his second place in the overall standings to Paul Rivett.

While Max Coates then set a series of fastest laps in his quest to hunt Mike Bushell down, competition further down the standings made for great watching.

Paul Rivett’s great experience came into play, taking third place from James Dorlin.

James Dorlin then found himself at the mercy of Dan Zelos and Daniel Rowbottom, with a third place start becoming a sixth place finish. He still has a lot to learn in the Clios, but James Dorlin is learning fast, I will be surprised if there is not another podium finish for him by the end of the year.

At the back of the pack, Sam Osbourne, Jade Edwards and Nic Hamilton enjoyed some close racing. Lucas Orrock who found himself at the back after an incident that knocked him off track in the first lap, was able to slice his way through the trio showing the pace he is capable of.

While this battle for twelfth was on going, Max Coates was reeling Mike Bushell in. A lead of over 3 seconds was steadily eroded until the pair finished with only 0.25 of a second between. Max Coates could only have been left speculating what might have happened if he had just one more lap.

It was another great race to round off the weekend and a great reward to the spectators who did not rush off as soon as the touring cars were finished.

Mike Bushell was ecstatic with the double win and great points buffer he now has for the championship.

Max Coates’ joy at getting on the podium again was impossible to miss and Paul Rivett proved his persistence by jumping into second place in the championship.

For rounds 13 and 14 we travel to Rockingham, the only circuit in the series with banked corners and the aptly named “Noise Appreciation Tunnel” into the Paddock.

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