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2015 Audi S3 Review!

I managed to get behind the wheel of Audi’s latest Fast hatch! First of all, I want to give a huge thanks to the owner Frazer for giving me this opportunity to drive his S3. The car looks great in the sepang blue launch colour and goes well with the satin chrome mirrors and 17inch alloys. It does sit noticeable lower than a standard A3 and when you come to the rear those quad exhausts really stand out and make a fantastic noise, the look of the S3 is pretty menacing and inside is a delightful place to be as with most Audi’s. It has full leather sports seats that a very comfortable and hold you pretty well, and they need to be as on paper the S3 is a mighty little brute, 0-60 takes just 5.2 seconds from its turbo charged 2.0litre 296bhp engine. As you step into the S3 your greeted by a lovely nav system that rises from the dash as you turn the ignition on, the steering wheel for me is perfect, small in your hands but with big grip on the centre position, this S3 has a 6 speed manual and it’s an absolute delight! Very smooth and very easy to quick shift with, however I did find it difficult to heel and toe as the accelerator pedal was too far back from the brake pedal. So what’s the driving like? Well it’s definitely fast! As soon the turbo spools up your away like a robber from a bank!

I took the S3 up some single track roads that were quiet and well let’s just say I was thankful for that Quattro system, the grip is just endless and it seems you can go round the tightest of bends at any speed, it is however not the most challenging of cars in fact it’s very easy to drive fast, for me too easy I’d say. The brakes were very good and stopped the car well, the steering was decent but if I was being very critical I would have liked a little bit more feedback on the over run. The noise is pretty good too with gurgles on the upshifts and some snorting on the downshifts makes for some addictive driving! But I would have liked more noise inside the car as I thought it was a little muffled. It is a very good car with good looks, a great noise and very fast! But would I buy one? I don’t think I would because for me I feel the car helps me too much, the Quattro system is fantastic but I would like something more challenging like the rear wheel drive BMW M135i, it was however a good drive and if you’re looking for an everyday cruiser with the capability to destroy most cars on the road and the safety of 4-wheel drive, then the S3 is for you! I’m just looking for something that’s much more fun to throw around, a proper drivers car if you wish!

I’ll give the Audi S3 an L&T Rating of 8/10.IMG_6435IMG_6450

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