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2017 Hungarian GP Race Review

The 2017 Hungarian F1 Grand Prix was truly a race of two halves. The first being a quiet lackluster race with the second half bringing in the excitement of a proper race.

Right off the bat Daniel Ricciardo was taken out by his teammate Max Verstappen. Understandably Ricciardo was quite upset with the situation however with Verstappen apologizing immediately and taking full responsibility of the incident Ricciardo’s rage simmered. Verstappen under steered on turn two of the first lap hitting and puncturing the Australians radiator. However Verstappen did not receive any major damage and managed a fifth place finish.

Ferrari had a fantastic weekend with both their drivers starting one-two and finishing one-two for the team however it was not without incident. Sebastian Vettel’s steering had an issue causing him to drift to the left. On the straights he had to battle to keep his car going straight. Despite this issue he managed to win the race followed by his team mate Kimi Raikkonen. Although Raikkonen most likely had the chance to overtake his teammate due to the steering issues he was instructed not to as to make the points difference between Vettel and Hamilton as large as possible.

Mercedes stole the show when it comes to controversy. Mid way through the race Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas allowed teammate Lewis Hamilton to pass him in an attempt to let Hamilton catch Raikkonen. Hamilton promised him teammate that he would surrender the spot if he was unsuccessful in catching the Ferrari. Seeing as Hamilton is second in points standings, behind Vettel, every point matters. However keeping true to his word Hamilton let Bottas pass him on the last lap securing a third place finish for Bottas. This sacrificed three points putting Vettel’s lead at fourteen points going into the summer break. While this move was a mark of true sportsmanship on behalf of Hamilton it puts the chance of winning the Championship this year further and further away. Some see his decision as foolish and dangerous for the team while others see it as noble. Only time will tell if his decision will cost him the Championship.

McLaren-Honda had one of it’s best races of the season so far with both cars scoring points. Fernando Alonso even managed a sixth place finish and scored the fastest lap of the day in a heavily underpowered car. Alonso’s teammate Stoffel Vandoorne finished in tenth. A wonderful surprise came in the form of a mural painted underneath the podium depicting the famous “Alonso in a beach chair” picture. Fittingly the Spaniard grabbed another beach chair and sat right next to his mural.

Williams driver Felipe Massa dropped out of the race so with short notice they got Paul Di Resta to fill in. He did very well for having never driven the car before. Unfortunately he had to pull out of the race just eight laps before the end due to an oil leak issue. Lance Stroll qualified in seventeenth and finished in fourteenth.


The official results:

1. S. Vettel Ferrari 1:39:46.713
2. K. Raikkonen Ferrari +0.908
3. V. Bottas Mercedes +12.462 +11.554
4. L. Hamilton Mercedes +12.885 +0.423
5. M. Verstappen Red Bull +13.276 +0.391
6. F. Alonso McLaren +1:11.223 +57.947
7. C. Sainz Jr. Toro Rosso +1 Lap
8. S. Pérez Force India +1 Lap
9. E. Ocon Force India +1 Lap
10. S. Vandoorne McLaren +1 Lap
11. D. Kvyat Toro Rosso +1 Lap
12. J. Palmer Renault +1 Lap
13. K. Magnussen Haas +1 Lap
14. L. Stroll Williams +1 Lap
15. P. Wehrlein Sauber +2 Laps
16. M. Ericsson Sauber +2 Laps
17. N. Hulkenberg Renault +3 Laps
Did not finish
18. P. di Resta Williams +10 Laps
19. R. Grosjean Haas +50 Laps
20. D. Ricciardo Red Bull +70 Laps
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