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2017 PORSCHE 911 RSR

The 2017 Porsche 911 RSR will be competing in the IMSA along with the WEC.

For this year, Porsche have almost completed re-designed the 911 RSR, replacing most parts on the car.This makes a change to it’s road going brother, the Porsche 911 with its rear engine lay out. This Le Mans racer has it’s engine mounted in front of the rear axle making it now a mid-engine racer.

The reason behind this is so that they can fit a larger and more efficient read diffuser. This will ensure that the 2012 spec 911 RSR will have significantly more downforce that years gone by.
Furthermore, bringing the engine further forward into a more central position in the car will mean that it’s overall weight balance will also be improved. This comes with a total re-design of the suspension system, all pointing towards lower lap times throughout the 2017 season.

Finally, one last technological advancement that we have already seen on the road is radar assisted emergency braking system. This will ensure that no high speed impacts and accidents occur with the cars electronic system coming into play and applying the brakes immediately bringing the car to a stop. This comes as most people will have seen from the Tesla using the technology on the road.


Photos from autocar.co.uk

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