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2018 Calendar: Our Reaction

As the drivers and teams prepared for the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix at Baku, one of the latest additions to the calendar, having only hosted for the first time last year, the jam-packed calendar for 2017 was announced.

Despite the controversy amongst fans recently, both the Sochi and Baku street circuits still feature in the 21-race season. The notable addition is the French Grand Prix, which will be held for the first time in 10 years, since Felipe Massa graced the top of the podium back in 2008. However, it will not be the Magny-Cours circuit many expected, but the Circuit Paul Ricard, nestled near the small town of Le Castellet. The last time the circuit hosted a Formula 1 race was back in 1990.
Another welcome return to the calendar is Germany, after Hockenheim’s recent uncertainty due to financial woes, it’s great to see the historic track back in action. The circuit will host the event on the 22nd of July.
Following the trend of recent years, the length of the season has increased once more, with 21 races confirmed, starting on the 25th of March in Melbourne and concluding on the 25th of November, under the twilight of Abu Dhabi. This means we get to see a whole 8 months of racing, complete with a 3 week window of consecutive races, in France, Austria and Canada, between the 24th June and the 8th of July.
The whole idea of extending the calendar and returning to the more historic circuits of the sport will be sure to please fans. The prospect of 21 races, with that 3 week period in Europe, the tyres will hardly get a chance to cool as they travel from circuit to circuit, and I can’t think of any better ways of spending 3 weekends in early Summer!

What do you think of the ever-growing calendar? Are there any races you’d like to see added or removed? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to follow all the proceedings across the L&T Motorsport world!
Image: Reddit

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