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2018 Ford Fiesta ST – Coolest Three-Cylinder On The Block?

Images courtesy of Auto Express

After numerous renders of what people thought the new ST could look like, here’s the real deal. Changes that we can see straight away are the more aggressive foglight surrounds and the wheels, which complement the overall design of the car very well, in combination with the colour.

The biggest change of all (that we know of) however, is the new engine. Displacement has stayed much the same, 1.5 litres as opposed to the previous car’s 1.6, though this time around Ford has binned a cylinder. With basic figures coming it at just shy of 200HP (197, more than the outgoing model) and 214 lb/ft of torque from the twin-cam three-banger, which is more likely than not derived from Ford’s own 1-litre EcoBoost.

Ford haven’t revealed any real-world specs such as MPG yet, though we can assume they’ll be around the same as those of the MK6 ST. Akin to the previous model, it has a multitude of driving modes. ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’, each altering parts of the vehicle’s setup as with most cars that have individual modes (throttle response, traction control, quicker/ heavier steering etc.).


The interior is much like that of the other specs for the Fiesta which we have seen already, though has received the typical splashing of sportiness in the shape of ST badges, among other things. Still, ST badges. Everywhere.

Further pictures of the interior reveal supportive Recaro part-leather seats (complete with customary ST badges) trimmed in blue to match the exterior of the vehicle and the colour of the rest of the interior. There will also be a system in place inside to enhance the sound, though the option to switch this off will presumably (hopefully) be given.

All seems well and good, and hopefully will be when time comes. It will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in the next coming weeks, so keep an eye peeled for more information around that time.

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