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A VW Beetle enters the 200mph club!?

Volkswagan made an appearance at the World speed event in Utah at Lake Bonneville salt plains, what they brought with them was this 2.0litre direct injection engine 542bhp VW beetle on steroids! they changed pretty much the whole engine with a new more powerful turbocharger, different pistons, camshafts, connecting rods and cylinder head modifications making a tarmac munching 571Nm of torque! So this World record beetle did 328Kph or 205.122mph! making it the fastest beetle ever! hey it is pretty much a 911 anyway. So how did it manage this incredible achievement? well it got special wheels and tyres for optimum grip in the plains, was lowered and they fitted a limited slip-differential for more traction aswell as some safety equipment such as a roll cage, two parachutes and a 5 point race harness just incase things didn’t go to plan. Well done to VW for coming up with this beast, now how about a 200mph Up!? No?

Euan Campbell

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