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An Aggressive Look Promised from Red Bull

Speaking to Jinek, a Dutch TV show, Helmut Marko has remarked that the 2017 Red Bull challenger is an aggressive looking car. He went on to add that a development from the Renault engine should bring Red Bull closer to the horsepower of the Mercedes.

However, this was before the Renault power unit failed in the Toro Rosso yesterday after it had only set six laps on a filming day, delaying the release of the Toro Rosso.

The new Red Bull will be released Sunday, a day before the car is due to be on track for the first pre-season test, in an image announcement.

“The car is ready,” Marko said, speaking ahead of the much-anticipated car release. Red Bull is known to b strong in the aerodynamics department, so their take on the new aerodynamic-heavy regulations is one of much interest. “The car, I guess you want to know to know what the car is like? Sexy and race-y.

“It’s an aggressive-looking car and the data, the information we have, [is] looking good. But, you know, on our simulator we are the only car, so when we are at the test we see how the others are.

“We are sure we will have a very good chassis. Renault promised us more horsepower at the start of the season and around Barcelona another upgrade, so we should be horsepower wise nearer to Mercedes.”

Due to the new heavier impact of aerodynamics in the 2017 regulations, Lewis Hamilton has already voiced concerns that Red Bull will be much more of a threat this year than they have in past campaigns on the V6 turbo era.

Red Bull will release their new car on Sunday 26th February, with its on-track debut coming a day later at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona for the first of two pre-season tests.

(image and quotes: motorsport.com)

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