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All You Need To Know About The New Civic Type R!

It seems not that long ago since Honda revealed the previous Type R but it’s back and its in a rather sleek coupeish type form. Honda are unveiling this as a “concept” but they aren’t fooling no one! this looks unquestionable production ready! The new type R has all the same red accents and highlights as the previous model did but i think this looks much more aggressive.

With brand new LED headlights, a lower stance and an even bigger rear wing! I mean look at that thing it’s as big as a double decker bus! maybe Honda are trying to double it as a table for when you go for a picnic? okay maybe not…  The car is finished in a brush aluminium effect and the front,side and rear splitters are all made from carbon fibre, it also features triple exhausts the one in the centre is black finished with a red accent and is small than the other two as well.

As Honda have released this as a “concept” they haven’t given us any performance figures or any mechanical underpinning details, The production model won’t be officially unveiled until the beginning of 2017 with the build underway in the second half of 2017. It will also be built at Honda’s Swindon factory alongside the ordinary Civic, and will be sold around the world including America where it will be the first time a Type R has reached the american shores! Expect prices to be around the same as the old model with maybe a grand or two more (£30,000).

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