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Alonso – McLaren more competitive without Honda

Following his impressive lap in Montreal in qualifying yesterday, he states that it equated to pole position, should they have had the horse power behind them to fight for the front.

There are rumours that Honda are still near 100 horse power below their Mercedes and Ferrari rivals.

If you look at the straights, we lose out. We would like to be very competitive. With a top engine, we could have done Bottas’ time, with only Vettel and Hamilton out of reach – Alonso, post-qualifying.

Alonso has been very outspoken during his time with McLaren, we all remember the GP2 ENGINES outburst in Hungary, and he has given McLaren the ultimatum that should they not give him a race winning car by September, then he will be leaving the team.

The Honda engine are the route cause for the tension between driver and engine supplier, as they have not been able to progress much since their return as an engine supplier in the 2015 season.

Eric Boullier stated that he hoped “there is still a McLaren-Honda next year, as we want to believe in this project. But at the moment our patience is put to the test.”

McLaren know they need to supply Alonso with the car, but Honda need to supply the engine, in order for Alonso to win a Grand Prix. However, this looks incredibly unlikely. It could mean this is the last season for Alonso in the orange and black car.

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