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Are Apple going to buy McLaren?

This is the big news out of one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple are in talks with McLaren but both declined to comment about it, which may raise a few eyebrows especially for car fans. So what is apple after? well McLaren’s technology expertise it would seem, also it’s engineering prowess and patent portfolio, this also means apple are building some kind of autonomous car like google, but it is unclear what? an autonomous supercar? I doubt it. But this could also mean new materials for your iPhone like carbon fibre and titanium  just don’t expect Apple to launch a McLaren iPhone 7 special edition anytime soon. However this hasn’t been there first pairing up you would be surprised to know, Sir Norman Foster, the architect behind Apple’s new campus, also designed McLaren’s Surrey headquarters, while in August, the automotive group also joined an amicus brief in support of the iPhone maker’s patent case against Samsung in the US Supreme Court. The news however is unexpected as Apple weren’t planning to enter into the automotive sector until the end of this decade. Mclaren is estimated to be worth around £1bn-1.5bn and would be Apple’s biggest business deal since they bought Beats electronics in 2014, it is not clear if a deal will be struck but it will get a lot of heads turning from both industry’s!

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