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Aston Martin Valkyrie – Herculean Brit

Remember the AM-RB 001? Aston’s holy trinity-fighting machine? Well, that old name has gone now. Say hello to the Valkyrie.

Courtesy of Car and Driver

With a Cosworth developed 6 and a half litre V12, it’s being kept as British as possible. The design of the car is courtesy of Adrian Newey (of RBR), so should stick to the road like a sticky thing. Ricardo is building a 7-speed transmission ‘with paddleshifters’ (that’s as much detail they’re willing to give us about it for now) especially for that heaving V12. It will also have a 1:1 power ratio, and the batteries for the hybrid system are coming from the nice people at Rimac (see: Concept One), so hopes are high. 150 are going to be built for the road, with 25 even more hardcore track-only examples, to presumably go toe-to-toe with the likes of the FXXK and P1 GTR. 2019 sounds good already.

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