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Audi RS5 Coupe

Here is Audi’s brand new RS5 Coupe, and it is all brand new like the TTRS, in-fact it has some new tricks and gadgets up it’s sleeve to compete with the C 63 and M4. The big new one is the brand new 2.9litre twin-tubro V6 that produces 450ps and 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds more than half a second quicker than the previous model, tied with the redeveloped Quattro system that distributed power 40:60 to give the car optimum balance of speed and dynamics for the new engine, as well as a new 8 speed triptronic transmission that delivers lightening shifts when in race and sport mode, and it has wheel selective torque control that manages the torque at each wheel to give you a smooth power band at anytime.

Efficiency is 17% increased to return 32.5mpg due to the new engine and it is also 60kg lighter with the added carbon fibre roof that can be left unpainted as an option, an updated 5 link suspension system is now used at the front and rear unlike the previous model which used a trapezoidal-link system at rear. carbon ceramics can be optioned to give very high braking power and coupled with the Audi sport steering system with 4 multi-link setups can give the car a full racing feel, it also sits much lower than the pervious model to give better stability and higher corning speeds.

The look of the car isn’t that different from the ordinary A5, just more aggressive looking with wider front grills and intakes, and 2 huge variable exhausts at the rear that are supposed to give the RS5 a “distinctive sound”. The interior is also not that much different, just slapped RS logo’s everywhere and alacantra to give it a more sporty feel, although there is a new specific RS cockpit display that can be configured to your liking with multiple setups. Audi haven’t released a price in the press launch but they did say the RS5 will be available to order this summer, so id say expect a starting price of about £65-£70,000. Question is what would you rather have, the BMW M4, Mercedes AMG C 63 S, or this RS5?…

Euan Campbell

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