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Firstly, looking back to Rockingham, I’m sure many people will have seen or heard that your heated screen failed for the first race. How do you deal with something like this, leaving you with little or no visibility.

It was very annoying having the screen heat up on the green flag lap as it meant by the time the lights came on I was trying to find a way to look through the screen to see the lights properly. The start I got wasn’t that bad, but I couldn’t see anything at all and had to be very careful for the first 2 corners. I couldn’t see a single thing going into Turn 1 (the banking), the screen had misted up almost fully and the spray from the other cars meant it was impossible to see. I backed off a lot to make sure I didn’t hit anyone, or the wall. When the safety car came out I came into the pits to fix it, which we did, however the ignition relay failed while I was catching up to the safety car, forcing me to retire. It wasn’t easy as there was nothing I could do about either of these mechanical failures and they meant I would start race 2 from the back, which makes the whole weekend a lot harder.


With Silverstone and Brands Hatch still left in the season, what are your end goals? Where are you looking to be in the championship standings when you cross the line in the final race of the season?

We came into the championship this year looking to get podium finishes and that’s how we are going to continue looking at this year. It’s only my second year of car racing, I wasn’t planning on being anywhere in the championship standings! It’s a shame to be where I am in the championship standings as I feel my pace should put me higher, however bad luck in my first year in the championship has put me where I am.


Going into Silverstone soon, what are your expectations for then? Is it a track that usually favours you producing strong results?

I’m looking forward to Silverstone, it’s 1 of 2 tracks that I got to drive before the media day (start of the testing ban) this year so I will have had more experience going into this meeting than I have at any other track! I’m aiming for podiums in the races, qualifying I’d love to be in the Top 5 but it gets very competitive at Silverstone because the track is so short.


What are your ambitions for the 2017 season? Are you looking to stay with Ginettas or progress further up the racing ladder?

I’m aiming to race in the Ginetta GT4 Supercup again next year. The aim next year is to end up in a good position in the championship, collecting as many podium positions as possible throughout the year.


What is your final ambition within motorsport? Where you eventually like to end up? Would it be F1 or keep going down the GT route and end up at Le Mans?

Personally I prefer GT racing as I believe I can make a career out of it. The plan is to progress up the GT ladder into Endurance racing.

Thank you very much for your time and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season.

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