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Big Red Bull upgrade for Spain as they look to challenge

Adrian Newey will look to deliver a huge increase in performance for Red Bull ahead of the European rounds, after a disappointing start to the season. 

Although they have as many points as they did this time last season, they have struggled to get anywhere near the battle between Mercedes and Ferrari, with Verstappen being in a complete race of his own, nearly a minute behind Bottas at Russia.

This package appears to be extremely important- with Ricciardo claiming that the upgrade will decide whether or not they get on the podium any time soon. He told Sky Sports: “It would probably dictate if we’re going to be on the podium or not in those next handful of races.”

Just one podium in the first 4 races has shown as disastrous downturn of form from the team tipped to be closest to the Mercedes at the start of the season. Their average qualifying deficit to Mercedes is an incredible 1.3 seconds, not good enough for a team wanting to fight at the front.

Blame could easily be put on the engine, however it is clear from the messages inside the camp that the car is also not up to standard. “I feel it’s now more like 50-50” when asked whether the car or the engine were to blame for the poor start to the season.

Unfortunately for Red Bull, an upgrade from engine supplier Renault is not coming any time soon. It has been delayed, and we can expect to see that before the summer break, but well after the target which was the Canadian Grand Prix.

Featured Image: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2017/02/05/team-strongest-driver-pairing-2017/

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