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BMW 8 Series! it’s coming and so is a fully loaded M version!

It’s been more than 28 years since the first 8 series was launched by BMW, and even today it’s still a very rare car to see as BMW only made 30,000 units. That may seem a lot but for a big mass producing company like BMW it’s hardly anything, the 8 series were produced from 1989-1999, and came with 2 engine variants from a 4.0litre V8- a 5.4litre V12, although the 5.4litre V12 was in the M8 which was developed but never went into production and to this day there is only 1 in existence and is very rarely seen by the public.

So BMW are planing to build a brand new 8 series to take on its rivals like the Audi A7 and Mercedes S-Class Coupe and this is the first glance look at a concept. It may be a concept but this will be relatively close to what the new 8 series will look like when it finally comes into production early next year, so what will be the engine variations available?

Well BMW are keeping that quiet but expect a lot of the 7 series engines incorporated into it, also maybe some top spec 5 series engines. Just last weekend at the M event at the Nürburgring they announced and gave a sneak preview of the future M8, and by the sounds of the videos I saw they are using the same 4.4litre twinturbo V8 that they use in the M5 & M6.

The new 8 series will be based on the same platform as the recently launched 5 series, the concept looks strikingly beautiful and timeless as the old one did back in the early 90s, the old even today still looks like a brand new car, it’s almost as if it was stuck in time and was certainly ahead of its day when launched. The 8 series will promise to come with lots of fancy equipment and materials such as carbon fibre and highly detailed chrome, and will be the ultimate luxury coupe (according to BMW). So price point? Well they haven’t said yet but expect it to be slightly more expensive than the 7 series! And the M8 will be well into the £150,000 mark!


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