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BMW M5 Is Coming But There’s A Catch!

The next generation M5 is coming so good news there then! we finally get a big fast saloon that we can hoon around in and still make our business meetings in! But there’s a catch, it won’t be rear wheel drive! Yep it’s sad because BMW have confirmed it will be available with XDrive only. However it is a selectable system which you can choose from three modes, 4WD,4WD Sport and 2WD, which is off course rear bias but were unsure if it will still have partial assistance from the 4WD. It will be however very fast! considering the semi-M 5 series was faster than the previous generation M5, we expect to see 0-62mph figures of around 3.5 second mark, making it supercar quick. Even DTM driver Timo Glock has got involved to give the car the green light! he had this to say about the new M5
“I often drive long distances and I need plenty of room for my family, but I wouldn’t wish to give up the chance to explore the car’s sporting character. “With M xDrive, not only can the new BMW M5 be steered with the usual precision and agility, it also offers me something I really appreciate, living in Switzerland: a noticeable boost to traction and controllability – even when driving in particular environmental conditions, such as wet weather and snow, and in both everyday driving situations and when pushing the car to its performance limits.”
The power unit will still be a twin turbo V8 with 4.4litre displacement, it will also have active M differential that can split the power independently meaning you maybe able to get a slide or two, they might even install a drift button like in the Focus RS. Other improvements include a large head-up display, a revised 8-speed gearbox with faster smoother shifts throughout the torque range some automatic’s can’t manage that. We will be excited to get all the final performance data to see how fast the new M5 really is, expect it to be fully revealed later on this year and it should cost around £80,000.

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