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BREAKING: Scuderia Ferrai SF70H Launched in Maranello

After a busy week of car launches, Friday morning saw all eyes on Maranello, and the Fiorano test track, as Scuderia Ferrari launched their 2017 contender. 
Ferrari have always been regarded as one of the sports greats. Their iconic red paint job has been in the field for the longest of all the teams. After yesterday’s Mercedes launch, the men from Italy didn’t disappoint in unveiling what could be the rival to the Mercedes in a fight for the 2017 title. 

Named the SF70H, and sporting a ‘shark fin’ that has become a typical characteristic of the 2017 field, but with a slight variation on what we’ve become used to this week. There is a small T-wing attached to the back of the engine cover, as well as deep inlets in the sidepod, looking almost as if an artist has designed it, rather than an aerodynamicist. It will be interesting to see if these will have an effect on the performance in Jerez. 

Livery-wise, it’s a classic approach from the Italian team, with the predominant colour red, with small flashes of white on the shark fin, topped of with a distinct tricolore leading towards the above stated wing.

The Ferrari SF70H could really offer a challenge for the front of the grid, but until the pre season testing begins in Jerez, it will be unclear who will be the dominant force this year. One thing is for sure, with the heavy aerodynamic qualities of the field, the racing will be quicker than ever, and hopefully we can see some cross-team challenges worthy of Alonso and Schumacher back in 2006.

Image: Ferrari

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