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Capito and McLaren part company after five months

The man brought in from Volkswagen to lead the McLaren Formula One team has left the company after just five months.


Jost Capito, a 58 year old German, started in September last year as chief executive officer. The former head of motor sport at Volkswagen was brought in by Ron Dennis. However it would seem that this connection might be partly down to his departure after the Woking sides decision to split away from Dennis.

A spokesperson for McLaren said “Regrettably, we have not been able to find common ground on what is and will be needed to make the team successful again.”

The statement also added that although common ground wasn’t found that Capito had a strong commitment to making McLaren successful again.

“He wanted to build again a winning team and fully focus on making the McLaren F1 car competitive, with the aim of winning World Championships in coming years.”

Sources at the former world champions have mentioned that Capito has not been involved in day to day work since early December but the terms of his leave are only a recent development.

Capito has been in Motorsports since the mid 80s including an executive role at Sauber in 1996. However his main success came within the world of rally where time at Ford and VW which seen five titles during his time at reach company (06 and 07 manufacturer titles at Ford and drivers and manufacturers in 13 to 15 at VW). It is not known what the Germans next move will be at this time but a possible return to rally would seem a logical option.

Dennis himself is currently on garden leave from the company he took to new levels in the 80s and 90s. He does not have an active position in the company but still holds a 25% holding of shares. The re branding of McLaren continues at a pace with a new livery and new car chassis name just the start of the process it would seem.

Photo credit: ESPN


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