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The Chiron may have met it’s match already!

Hennessey’s venom F5 promises to be fast, very very fast, remember the Venom GT? the car based on a lotus exige? well that did beat Bugatti’s 268mph top speed but it was unofficial, well the boss John Hennessey say’s “I think something like 290mph could be possible” so the question is, who or can a production car hit 300mph! The name F5 is from the fastest most powerful wind on earth that was capable of reaching speeds of up to 318mph! so the F5 has promise but once again we will have a title race on our hands, France vs America, Bugatti Vs Hennessey, the Chiron vs F5, who will come out top? we will just have to wait until next year to find out when both cars will attempt the world record title of “fastest production car in the world”.

Euan Campbell

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