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The Controversial new Ford Mustang

This is the new mustang for 2017 (2018 for the UK) and it’s made a lot of mustang enthusiasts pretty annoyed, why? Well most think it doesn’t look good at all and they don’t consider it a “true mustang”. What do I think? Well I actually really like it, more so than the previous generation. It just looks much more aggressive and sports oriented, the new design is nothing drastic its just a few new aero changes these include a new bonnet with louvers, a spoiler similar to the on on the GT350 as well as a new quad exhaust system.

Mechanical upgrades include a new suspension system with viable shock control that can be configured in the car, a new 10 speed automatic transmission is available for the eco-boost an V8 versions it offers improved responsiveness as well as a better efficiency mode. Speaking of efficiency the V8 version gets duel fuel high pressure direct injection system which boosts efficiency and makes it the most efficient V8 ever! In the US Ford are dropping V6 version and making the 2.3litre eco-boost more powerful to fulfil the gap and make it pretty much just as quick as the V6 version.

This is also the “most advanced mustang ever” as it features a brand new 12.3inch digital cluster display with tons of configurable options, its like that of Audi’s new display in the TT. As well as lots of new tech as standard like adaptive advanced cruise control and comes with three different modes “normal” “sport” and “track”, off course apple CarPlay will be available but a new smartphone app called “FordSync connect with fordpass” will let drives control the mustang from the app, they can start, unlock and lock and locate their car as well as there current fuel status and engine core information.

New alloy’s are available and some new colours including the launch colour “Orange Fury”, in the interior there is a lot new leather colours and combinations as well as new trim options for the centre console. The price should be about the same around £32,000 for the eco-boost and £35,000 for the V8, making this car an absolute bargain.

Euan Campbell

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