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CTR at the British 24hrs

8am on a nice May Sunday morning, and whilst most people are sleeping off their hangovers or getting up with their kids, 118 racing drivers a begining to descend on Teesside Autodrome from all corners of the UK to take part in the SG Petch Sprint Championship, a hire kart series split into 4 different classes, heavyweight, lightweight, super heavyweight and rookie endurance cup.
The lightweights will be up first for their 10 minute qualifying and two 20 minute races, but whilst waiting to go in for the briefing 4 of the competitors, James Bourke, Carl Seamark, Darren Seamark and Michael Shepherd begin to talk about the possibility of doing the British 24hr race at the track in August.
With 48 teams expected to be there and these 2nd year drivers unsure on how they would perform, coupled with the £1250 entry fee for the race they all leave the track aching from raceday still wanting more and wondering how doable the British 24hrs would be.
Over the coming weeks they begin talking to each other about how to go about things and a deal is struck with L&T Motorsport to cover the teams’ progress and preparations with featured stories and a video in a bid to attract potential sponsors for this unique one off event, undoubtabley one of the biggest events in the British karting calender.
They need two more drivers however, and bring on board another 2nd year driver, Paul Dennis and a rookie cup racer Greg Elder bringing it to the full 6.
The next step was to decide on the team name, and Crash Team Racing was born, after all agreed it was the best suggestion, with other names being mooted.
Despite what people may think of the name these drivers are serious about their competition but with the ethos of ‘keep karting fun’.
Although still on the hunt for sponsorship for the race, that is where they currently stand, and with time getting tight before the entry deadline of July 1st they will be working furiously to make sure the deals come together.
Keep posted here on their progress in the lead up to the race and see how they are getting on with the preparations.
If there are any interested businesses looking to sponsor the fledgling squad please private message James Bourke on Facebook.
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