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Crash Team Racing’s plans to enter the British 24hrs have come a long way in the past month, and with the entry in they will be one of fifty four teams competing in the club hire class at Teesside Autodrome on August 12th-13th, with an expected grid of 75-80 karts including the owner teams.
As well as supporting their own cause another aim is to show that you can get into motorsport with limited resources. To prove that it’s not what you know but who know the fledgling squad have a few contra deals in place although advertising space is still available.
The first contra deal came about with us, L&T Motorsport as one the team’s drivers, James Bourke, used to write for us covering TCR touring cars and asked for our support to the team, which we were more than happy to do.
York Motorsport Village are also a part of the team, with driver Carl Seamark working for them, giving the drivers an opportunity for a day of testing and strategy work before the big day.
But the first stop and for the first in our video series we head over to Basewraps and Spot On displays who have recently done a stunning job with the fairing/shield that sits at the front of the kart.
Keep following the team’s progress upto and including the race with us as next time we follow their day at York Motorsport Village at the start of August
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