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Daniil Kvyat becomes Scuderia Ferrari’s Development Driver!

The 23 year old was dropped from Torro Rosso at the end of the last formula 1 season, in an interview with the team principle Franz Tost said “The season from Daniil this year was very unfortunate,” “There were a lot of technical problems which were not in the hands of Daniil, he couldn’t do anything. But he also made some driver errors”.

“Both parties lost confidence in each other. “In such a situation, it’s better to say OK, we stop the cooperation and this gives Daniil the chance to look for another team and to look for his future. “We felt the confidence was not there anymore on the level you need if you are to work together successfully in the future.”

Well just minuets ago Scuderia Ferrari have announced him as there new development driver! so could this mean he will be racing with Ferrari next season? well it’s hard to say as Ferrari currently have two top F1 drivers by there side, only time will tell!

Euan Campbell

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