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DTM round 8- Q1 for Race 2

Hungaroring, 11:50 (GMT); qualifying for race 2 of round 8 in the 2016 DTM season commenced.

This qualifying session looks intense as cars line up in the pit lane ready for the clock to begin the countdown. The session opens and no.27 Tambay leads the que out onto the track for the installation lap. Montara and Wittmann remain in the pits with no sign of exiting anytime soon.

3 minutes into the session and no benchmark time as been set, but Wittmann exits the pits in the hopes of having some clean air to set a lap time. Montara follows 4 minutes into the session.

Lucas Auer set the first benchmark time of 1.35.881 leading the Audi chain from 1st to 5th place. But the Audi lead in qualifying should be short lived as it has been the Mercedes power that has dominated every session over the weekend.

Tambay sets the new fastest time of 1.35.641, followed by Jamie Green who takes 5 tenths from Tambay’s time pulling a time of 1.35.145

Wittmann pushes his car on track only to set a time 1.5 1000th’s of a second slower than 1st position claiming 2nd place.

With 12 minutes left of the session Mortara puts in a personal best first sector which is still 3 tenths down on Green’s first sector earning him p5.

Wittmann runs wide and boxes before completing the lap though he was edging tenths out of Green’s time. Jamie Green goes purple in sector 1 and 2 before boxing the lap and not capitalising on his improved performance.

With 9 minutes left of the session Edoardo Mortara puts in a purple sector 1 and a personal best in sector 2, before running wide in the final sector and also pitting in the lap.

The track grows quiet as the cars sit in the pits waiting to push hard for one last flying lap in the hopes of getting the highest grid position in the race.

Wittman exists with 4 minutes left of the session. Mortara is held by his team and leaves with 3 minutes left before the clock runs out. Edoardo is followed by a flood of drivers including Juncadella and Blomqvist.

Wittmann and Mortara push hard to snatch 1st position from Jamie Green. Wittmann goes fastest by 6 1000th’s of a second with less than a minute to go. Ekstrom is next to put in a smashing time of 1.35.138 which is soon destroyed by Mortara with less than 5 seconds to go.

The session ends with Edoardo Mortara on p1 1.34.984, Ekstrom on p2, and Wittmann on p3.


Image copyright to EdoardoMortara Instagram

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