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Round 22

Starting from the fourth row and in P7 after a wet qualifying, the track was dry for the first race of the weekend. Off the line Enaam kept his nose clean until they all reached the Melbourne Hairpin. At the hairpin contact was made between Collard (after he himself made a mistake earlier in the lap) and Enaam. Enaam was able to keep going in the race, but Collard dropped down the order. The racing though was halted as the safety car had to come out on lap 6 due to Wahome’s car in a dangerous position. The race resumed 2 laps later with Enaam in P6 but there was trouble further back and the race red flagged as cars were scattered in dangerous positions. The red flag meant that Enaam finished P6.

After the race, the stewards handed Enaam a five-place grid penalty for his part in the incident with Collard.
Round 23

The reverse grid and the five place penalty from the previous meant that Enaam started the penultimate race in P8. As the lights went out, Hingeley made a very slow getaway and Enaam was able to get past without incident. On lap 3 the safety car was called for as Bortoleto was involved in yet another roll! By this time Enaam was in P7. After a few laps to remove the stricken car racing resumed. Not long after the safety car pulled in, Huovinen made contact with the wall and this promoted Enaam into P6. This is where he stayed for the remainder of the race and finished in yet another P6.
Round 24

Enaam started the final race of the weekend, and indeed the final race of 2016 in P3. The race was shortened in length courtesy of Hingeley having issues on the grid after the initial green flag lap. Once the lights finally went out, Enaam made another good start to maintain his position as he was harried and hassled for the opening lap. Once settled into a rhythm he was able to keep his P2 safe. Towards the end of the race Enaam’s team mate, Randle, was trying to take that spot away. Randle kept trying under brakes to steal that P2 away from Enaam at the hairpin for the last few laps, but Enaam just placed his car in the right place so Randle couldn’t get passed. As the flag finally fell, Enaam crossed the line in P2.

Speaking after the race Enaam said “I am happy to finally get back on the podium! I’ve been there or thereabouts for a number of races and I finally got my act together and put it on the podium so I’m really happy. The team have done a really good job and the car has really been fast here.”

Final Championship standings

Enaam Ahmed P5 349 points.


Picture courtesy of British F3.

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