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Is It The End of DRS As We Know It?

Recently assigned the role as Formula One’s Managing Director Ross Brawn voiced his opinion on the DRS system used on all modern day Formula One car, which could see DRS potentially facing the axe at the end of the 2017 Season. Ross Brawn has already said and hinted some promising propositions that will get all F1 excited for the upcoming future of formula one, along with trying to improve battle for wins with every driver being able to fight for victories instead of 2 or 3 cars being able to wins Ross Brawn is now turning his thoughts and opinions to DRS Overtaking saying “It’s not the type of overtaking we want to see.”
Fernando Alonso was the first driver to test out the new DRS systems in a race when he passed Nico Rosberg at the 2011 Australian Grand Prix, since then it’s been common for all F1 fans to see DRS Used in almost all overtakes. Since its introduction in 2011 DRS has helped boost the number of overtakes seen in an F1 race. In 2010 the average was 21 overtakes a race but this spiked to over 55 in the 2011 Season but the amount of overtakes per season have slowly declined over the past 5 years. F1 Fans always will and always have different opinions, but DRS systems have always been one of the most talked about topics. Even former F1 driver have labeled overtakes aided by the use of DRS as fake and being unable to identify if any skill was used when completing the overtaking maneuver when fans and viewer alike know the driver has just pushed a “Go faster” button. It’s like adding a new rule to football saying that when facing a penalty the team cannot use their goalkeeper, sure you might see more goals but seriously, what’s the point in that. Whilst I cannot disagree that DRS overtaking is somewhat fake it has produced some brilliant overtakes. Take Daniel Ricciardo for example, the man who seemingly can make any overtake possible has been praised for late, daring and ambitious overtakes which has usually ended with all F1 fans alike on the edge of their sofa’s.
But is it time for F1 to move on? Like all business and organization F1 is no exception when it comes to change, the Formula One group are looking all the time on how to improve racing. For the 2017 Formula Season, new regulations with the front wing see the Front Wing change angle to more of a delta shape. Aerodynamicists and mechanics alike are praising the change stating the new shape will make it easier for F1 cars to follow each other when in dirty air, hopefully leading to more overtakes and action packed races. 2017 Season is coming quickly so it’s highly unlikely that we will see any change before for the upcoming season and is even more unlikely we’ll see in season changes, but be mindful there could be a change for the 2018 Formula One season. Get involved and leave us your opinion. Do you think DRS should stay or should go?

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