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F1 2017 brings new rules in on wet weather standing starts.

A new rule for 2017 is the introduction of standing starts in the wet, this is after fans and viewers expressed their disappointment with the spectacle when the cars just drive away once the safety car comes in.

The FIA made the decision at a meeting at the Barcelona test and it was finalised at the World Motor Sport Council meeting, the rule is relatively simple but needed to be analysed and understood before being implemented.

The rule does not just specify rain but says if the track conditions are considered unsuitable, the starting procedure stays the same if the FIA feel that the race is too dangerous to start under normal conditions. The procedure changes when the cars have followed the safety car until the FIA decide the track is suitable to race then the safety car will pull in and the cars will line up on the grid, to wait for the light procedure.

The rule is designed to make exciting racing but a thing to remember is that any laps under the safety cars will be counted as formation laps and not laps from the race.

Cars starting from the pit lane will be able to follow the safety car to gain a feel for the track but will be forced back in or will receive a penalty. Another rule is that cars will not be able follow the safety car in and change tyres or they will receive a penalty, as all drivers must start on the extreme tyres.


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