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Five things that might happen after the summer break

Well, silly season is well and truly upon us, this is the time of the year, where, through starvation from F1 for a few weeks, everyone starts cooking up strange theories. Often these theories are debunked reasonably quickly, but sometimes they gain traction and end up taking place.

Without further ado, here’s a five things worth putting a small bet on…Just in case.

[All points are pure speculation are based on rumour]

1. Carlos Sainz will move to Renault

It’s no secret that Jolyon Palmer hasn’t had great luck so far at Renault, and they’re continually mentioning their aim to be a championship winning team again. Carlos Sainz Jr had committed to the RBR family stating that he wants to be in the main team and can fight for podiums, but with Verstappen reportedly in a ‘watertight’ contract and Ricciardo performing well, it’s unlikely that duo will be split up. Sainz said that “…If that doesn’t happen, a fourth year in Toro Rosso is unlikely…”

2. Robert Kubica will replace Jolyon Palmer at Renault

Again, unfortunately for the Brit, more speculation on his future in F1, after a successful testing session in the Renault, Kubica looks to be gaining back momentum. If he can complete the comeback, it may be one of the best stories in F1 yet! We know he wants a seat somewhere, we know he’s a Renault driver, why not put him in their car for 2018, or even for the odd race in the rest of 2017?

3. McLaren will sign a new engine deal with Ferrari (sort of)

It’s been widely speculated that McLaren and Honda will separate after a less than successful reunion. McLaren have been shopping for engines and are fairly resigned to the fact that their best bet is with a Mercedes engine, but are unlikely to ever better the supplier’s factory team on the track, hence their split originally. It has been said that Ferrari may supply the team with their engines (sacrilege right? But wait), under the Alfa Romeo badge. While this is unlikely, it’s certainly interesting and McLaren are eager to retain the services of Fernando Alonso, so a quick fix engine deal might be the way to do it.

4. Alonso to Ferrari

I know, I know, but hear me out. Alonso has said he does not want to make a move to another team where he has to wait for success, he’s already doing that. If McLaren Honda do fail to keep him, he could look elsewhere, there are realistically only two teams he could go to capable to taking the fight to Mercedes. Red Bull and Ferrari. Red Bull look to be hanging onto Max and Daniel, even if they lost Max, they favour their young driver programme anyway. If Kimi decides he’s had enough, or the team think there is another viable option, there will be a seat free, leaving the doors open to the Spaniard. The team is already winning in straight fights with the silver arrows, definitely no waiting there.

5. Red Bull will acquire Cosworth engines

With Red Bull clearly unhappy with the Renault (badged as TAG) power plant, they have been looking elsewhere for a while now. They had some issues with getting a new partner in the short term and now need to look to the future. Cosworth have been present at technical meetings, as well as other manufacturers. F1 is currently looking to cut costs for teams but introducing new regulations for a simpler, more efficient turbo V6. Cosworth provided the engines for the Aston Martin Valkyrie, designed by RBR’s Adrian Newey. Could we see a tie in for that tech? It could make some sense and open up the playing field a bit.


Let’s wait and see what happens, in any case, not long until the return of F1 to our screens!

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