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Ferrari Launches the California T Replacement!

It’s called the Portofino and it’s named after the beautiful small town on the “Italian Riviera” near Genoa and its Ferrari’s big new GT car. It comes with the 3.8 litre TwinTurbo V8 that the California T had, with some minor adjustments off course. For starters the power is now upped to 598bhp and does the 0-62 sprint in 3.5 seconds, it still comes with a retractable hardtop roof and comes with more space in the boot plus a very generous 2+2 configuration in the cockpit meaning this is one roomy GT, okay so it’s know where near that of a GTC 4 Lusso but it’s still relatively good for long distances. The new chassis has been developed and has significant weight saving over the the California T due to new production techniques.

At first glance you would think this is a convertible version of the 812 superfast but in real life this is a bit smaller and less wide however looking like a 812 is no bad thing as this looks incredible and definitely doesn’t look like a woman convertible no more as this looks mean and aggressive looking with LED lighting all round.

The interior is very similar to that of the California and with new features to insure optimum comfort at all times such as a brand new air conditioning system that improves occupant comfort with the roof up and down, and aswell as that Ferrari have installed a new wind deflector which cuts the airflow in the cabin by 30% and reduces aerodynamic noise.

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