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Ferrari’s F12 Berlinetta replacement!

Another sneak peek release ahead of it’s unveiling at the Geneva motorshow, is the Ferrari 812 Superfast and yes it’s superfast! In fact it’s the most powerful and fastest Ferrari in the marque’s history!, they don’t include the LaFerrari as it got 900hp from it’s electric motors, 789hp standard where as this has almost 800bhp. No turbo charging is to be seen here or downsizing for that matter to, just an all new 6.5litre glorious V12.

The 812 Superfast has the same dynamics system first seen in the LaFerrari, including the Virtual short wheel-base (PCV) that was developed in the tdf which basically make the response times and handling much quicker and sharper in race mode. The new look of the car is obviously some huge aerodynamics here for example, the small air inlets in front of the forward tyre helps the brakes cooling under hard braking. It also features electrical rear defuser that lowers to create more drag under high speed, and a small rear spoiler that raises under high speed to give stability and create drag.

It’s beautiful though curves and creases everywhere and that massive wide grill, it defiantly has huge road presence and will certainly be a sight to see if you ever do. the rear does look a bit like the GTC4 Lusso but with much more aggressive looks to give a meaner presence. The interior is very driver focused with new instrument clusters and the latest infotainment system, and off course using only the very best materials for caressing the clients behinds. There is also a special new red colour called “Rosso Settanta” celebrating Ferrari’s 70th anniversary. No price as of yet but expect it to be pretty eye watering, I still want one though cos dam that thing looks amazing!


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