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FIA deems 2017 rally cars too fast

This year’s cars have been praised for bringing the World Rally Championship back to life. The cars look beastly like they should and their sound simply rips through the stages. And then there’s the speed. If you are standing by the road and you hear a car coming, a blink and you’ve missed it. Well, maybe the cars don’t go the speed of light, but the FIA has now deemed the cars as too fast. This statement has come after the FIA decided to cancel stage 12 of Rally Sweden due to safety reasons. FIA has a strict policy of not allowing cars to have a bigger average speed than 80 mph (130 kph). However, in stage 9 of Rally Sweden M’Sport’s Ott Tänak had an average speed of 85.62 mph (138 kph).

Tänak has incredibly fast in Sweden, enough to create problems for the FIA.

Tougher inspections for new stages

FIA’s rally director Jarmo Mahonen told to Autosport that they have to be stricter when it comes to allowing new stages into rallies. If organisers want to introduce a new stage, the FIA should and must be more present to check it. However, even old, familiar stages can cause problems. In that same stage 9 of Rally Sweden last year, some cars broke the average speed of 80 mph. According to Mahonen, the FIA will look into the regulations to clarify a clear guideline on how to make stages safe enough without destroying the entertainment.

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