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FIA Unveil Improved ‘Windscreen’ for Open Wheel Racers

Safety vs. Design: The ongoing problem has what could be a new solution.
Since the tragic accident and subsequent loss of Jules Bianchi, followed by the death of Justin Wilson in the States, a lot of time and money has been invested by both the FIA and individual teams in both F1 and IndyCar. We’ve had the Halo. We’ve had the shield. Now, we have a new style of protection. It’s based on Red Bull’s initial shield design from 2016, but with now the shield has more emphasis on design. 
The FIA’s announcement was as follows:
A transparent open canopy system constructed using polycarbonate, the Shield is aimed at providing significant protection from debris, while ensuring unrestricted forward vision for the driver.

A possible geometry has been developed and the FIA is currently working with teams in Formula One on further defining its geometry. A number of indoor and outdoor tests are currently being conducted and the Federation’s target is to carry out a first full track test at Monza in September.”

Ferrari are set to be the first team to test the improved shield, and hopefully the opinion of the drivers will improve from the general consensus of the halo. For example, Lewis Hamilton called the frame-based design ‘ugly’. What do you think of closing up the cockpit on single seater cars? Does it take away that danger and risk that give single seater Racing it’s excitement? Or does it offer much needed protection for some of the world’s most talented drivers?
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