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FIA WEC Round 6 GTE Qualifying: 6 Hours Of America

Round 6 of the FIA World Endurance Championship brings the teams and drivers to the United States of America to do battle around the prestigious Circuit Of The America’s.


The Green light at the end of the pit lane lit up signaling the start of the first qualifying session for GTE Pro and AM Classes. The first car to hit the track was the #50 Larbre Competition Corvette was first to attack the track with Ricky Taylor Qualifying the car this week. Tensions were high as the clock counted down the 20 minute session. In the GT3 Am The #98 Aston Martin Driven by Pedro Lamy took Pole position head of #88 Porsche 911 RSR which was over 0.612 seconds behind the Pole car of Paul Dalla Lana, Pedro Lamy and Mathias Lauda. The #78  and #86 Porches lined up in Position 3 & Position 4 respectively. The battle for 5th & 6th in class between the Ferrari 458 Italia and Corvette C7-Z06 ened with the two cars separated by just 0.003 thousandths of a second.

GTE AM Classification

  1. #98
  2. #88
  3. #76
  4. #86
  5. #83
  6. #50


In Post Qualifying interviews Paul Dalla Lana reflected in his pole position with FIA WEC Thanking his team for the effort put in. “Really tough conditions out there, I don’t think we’ve been out there when the condition are this hot, We lost out TC [Traction Control] which didn’t help ”

Paul and his team’s now focus their mind to the race calling tomorrow’s race a “Battle of Attrition ”




In the Pro Class the early pace setters was Sam Bird and Davide Rigon in the #71 Ferrari 488 Italia storming to set an average lap time of 2:04.652. Meanwhile in the battle down the table the #66 Ford GT driven by Stefan Mukle and Oliver Pla set a average lap time of 2:04.804 which was able to put them P3 able to beat the #51 Ferrari 488 by just 0.017 hundreds of a second. Fernando Rees took over at the wheel, replacing Richie Stanaway in the #97 Aston Martin, an average lap time 2:04.889 put Rees and partner Darren Turner P5.

The second Ford GT, the #67 lined up in Sixth and the single Pro Class Porsche lined up 7th. For the third time  the #95 Aston Martin of Nicki Thiim Marco Sorensen Took Pole Position with an average lap lap time of 2’04.610 saw the #95 Team beat the #71 Ferrari bt just under 0.050 hundredth of a second


When interviewed later after qualifying by FIA WEC Nicki Thiim said “It’s Perfect, very close gap this time though, but it’s still nice to be her.” Thiim Also commented on the Track conditions saying “It’s was so hot out there, even just for two laps pushing”


GTE Pro Classification


  1. #95
  2. #71
  3. #66
  4. #51
  5. #97
  6. 67
  7. 77


Photo Via : © Marius Hecker – AdrenalMedia.com

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