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Five-Car Wreck brings out Red Flag on lap 108, Earnhardt Jr. and Ky. Busch Out

After winning the first stage, Kyle Busch’s Daytona 500 took a nasty turn. Coming into turn 3, his right rear tire gave out, sending him spinning. Erik Jones, Matt Kenseth, and Ty Dillon all piled into him, and Dale Earnhardt Jr got taken for a wild ride, flying up onto two wheels after clipping the nose of Kyle Busch’s 18 car.

Under the Red Flag, underdog No. 7 Elliott Sadler is set to lead the Daytona 500, after escaping the crash with only a little damage. He came into the pits after the restart to try to repair that damage.

Kyle Busch was disappointed in a post-crash interview, expressing frustration in the fact that “The Goodyear tires just aren’t good at holding air.”

Kyle Busch, Erik Jones, and Matt Kenseth are all out, and Dale Jr. is badly damaged. The 88 crew were able to get Earnhardt, Jr. patched up and back out on track, but he came back down to the garage son after the restart.

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