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FOM set to broadcast driver briefings for first time.

Formula One Management announced that they would be releasing F1 driver briefings to broadcasters world wide as of the Japanese GP this weekend at Suzuka,

This will give the fans a much anticipated insight into how teams manage issues and discrepancies.

The Formula 1 community has long awaited access to these briefings and the importance of these driver meetings was hugely highlighted in the 2011 documentary Senna directed by Asif Kapadia.
Some of the briefings in this are eye opening to the politics and friction of the briefings most notably at the time the safety issues and rivalry between Senna, Prost and the FIA president at the time Jean-Marie Balestre.

But will this invitation into the world of driver briefings be a blessing to fans or will we end up with a censored watered down mess. The front running teams will be reluctant in giving to many major details away and I can see it getting very interesting if there are any more incidents such as Lewis and Nico coming together to destroy Mercedes chances at the 2016 Spanish GP the aggressive overtaking manoeuvres of Max Verstappen or more recently Rosberg and Vettel incident from the Singapore GP last weekend that landed vettel a 3 place grid penalty for the Japanese GP and some strong words in the press from Nico.

In the whole I can see this being a very smart move from FOM, it should give broadcasters a lot more footage to air during their pre-race show to the fans and the analysis of each briefing should be very interesting.

Liberty media recently brought the rights of F1 for $8.5 billion and are hoping to help broaden their fan base across the globe particularly in the U.S.A only time will tell how this endeavor will go,

Is this Liberty media’s first stepping stone on the way to embedding their mark on the global sport that is Formula One.

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