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Ford Fiesta 1.0litre EcoBoost Review!

Ford is back with an all new look for the UK’s favourite supermini and what a great way to get started than to dive straight in to a first impressions review:

The new Fiesta has had a huge change in appearance from the last generation from the new exterior looks to the new interior layout with new a infotainment system and a premium feel to go with it, here is the extensive look around the new Fiesta:

With a wider longer stance than the pervious generation but with some uprated new suspension system and dampers it’s time to see if all this new mechanical work was worth it by putting the little Fiesta through some condition testing!

It all comes down to final verdict! is the price really worth it to spend on this “premium” supermini or has Ford gone to far in explaining the price? it’s all here!:


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