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Ford’s Quriky New Fiesta!

Yeah finally Ford has decided to do a whole redesign of the UK’s best selling hatchback and ford promises there will be more tech than ever before, and it’s about time really as the current generation was getting a bit dated especially the interior, and it really does seem like ford have gone all out on this new Fiesta. For starters it’s been back to the drawing board and been giving a whole new fresh look, it now looks very em “cutie” the front looks very similar to the new Ford KA, but when you come to the rear well it looks like a Ford C-Max, you know that hideous MPV thing they make.

The interior is much better looking now with a full 4.2inch TFT dial in the centre of the steering wheel that you can configure to your liking, and a 6.5inch HD “floating” touchscreen in the centre console. A whole new range is being offered now you can choose between the stylish titanium, luxurious vignale, sporty ST-line and a pointless crossover thing called active, the engines on offer are very ford, a 140ps 1.0litre Ecoboost, 120ps 1.5litre TDCi there mated with a 6-speed manual, and 1.1litre 3cylinder with 72ps and a 1.25litre with 84ps there both mated to a 5-speed manual, all very efficient and offer the best in class “apparently”. But Ford makes a huge claim with this car by saying “it’s the worlds most technologically advanced small car” and on paper at least it’s looking good, first a whole host of driving aid tech that are supported by two cameras, three radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors that combine for a 360 degree view like no other and scan the road up to 130meters in front ( just over a football pitch length).

The result means lots of driving aids like advanced cruise control with pre collision warning, pedestrian collision prevention and tons more. The interior tech doesn’t stop at the screens, with a brand new “SYNC3” mobile connection system that plays any music app such as Spotify, apple music, Soundcloud etc as well as an advanced hands free system that is crisp and clear and all with voice activation, also includes a “dock” to house you phone and wirelessly charge it, also includes creature comforts like a heated steering wheel and heated and ventilated seats. The quality is exceptional and ford have gone all out here! and even touched on nice attention to details also, oh and it also comes with a B&O hifi sound system! yes B&O are a pretty luxurious sound company and are usually found on high end Audi’s, merc’s, Porsche’s, but not a little Ford hatchback. The price for “the world most technologically advanced small car”? well they haven’t released any figures yet but expect a pricy base price of about £12-14 Grand.

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